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verify the
authenticity of
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verify the
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verify the authenticity
of your product

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Parallel market products or counterfeits can have serious repercussions on your skin, such as burns, allergies or itching. That's why we do everything in our power to guarantee the authenticity of our high-quality products and protect your health. Our authentication system allows you to verify in just a few steps that your product comes from our laboratory, expert in aesthetic dermatology.

Safe science and authentic solution

Our expertise in aesthetic dermatology and our worldwide presence in more than 80 countries make the authenticity of our products our top priority to protect patient health and guarantee a secure access to our high quality products. Consumers need transparency and security. We use best-in-class authentication with security tracking and tracing technologies. Our FiberTag is a chaosmetric security technology that uses random distribution of fiber. It ensures the traceability of our products from production to consumption, via pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. It is combined with a serialized 2D CryptoQR code to create a unique fingerprint for each label. This visual authentication technology contains hidden information that can only be detected and interpreted by us. It gives you the ability to verify the authenticity of the product in your hands to ensure its integrity and security.

This solution allows us to:

+ Protect our products from counterfeiting and ensures product authenticity.

+ Prevent parallel markets by ensuring that you buy products from legitimate partners that are compliant with your local regulations.

Trust is built every day: integrity and quality are at the heart of what we do.

Steps to authenticate your product

Find the authenticity reference code on the label at the back of your products
Enter the 14-character code found in the silver part of the label in the authentication box.
Or scan the QR code with your smartphone directly.
Then follow the certification instructions to authenticate your product.

Thanks to this action, you will be able to retrieve all the product authenticity information. For your security we invite you to buy our products from our authorized distributors: Expert in aesthetic dermatology | Dermaceutic Laboratory.